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Specializing in the affairs of customs and Trading.

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Business Village General Trading is proud to   provide a range of services to customers.

Clearance and transportation management, as a final and fundamental to supply chain , alias enim placeat earum quos abWith firm conviction to the principle of respect for the customer, and reliance on skilled manpower. Committed, experienced and use the automated system. With representative offices in major ports of the country and exclusive roofed barns and extensive relationships with administrative and customsm. Highly reputable transport companies with experience service clearance, transportation, warehousing alike.

Import and Export Services

The affairs related to trade, import and export of goods .

Clearance of goods from all customs of the country and neighboring countries .

Clearance Services

Clearance of goods from all customs of the country and neighboring countries.

Services of loading, unloading, bonded warehousing, handling and transportation of goods.

Online Services

Business consultation in the preparing and filing commodity trading documents.

Providing consulting services and trade and customs, the accuracy and integrity of customer.

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Business Village of service companies operating in the fields of business, import and export customs clearance United Aarab Emirates. The management and experienced experts, this company has become a prestigious and well known in the field of customs affairs and clearance of goods. Business Services such as: Clearance, customs affairs, transportation and commercial advice to businesses and industries, including government and non-government agencies to accomplish. And a huge daily volume of goods to customs clearance and delivery in the shortest time and at the best price to customers. Last Commerce and customs regulations fluent, honesty, integrity and confidentiality of business customers, accuracy in calculations, expedite the affairs of clients, have led to our companys success and customer satisfaction.

The Capabilities and Facilities:

Experienced and skilled human resources

Dedicated warehouse and Jetty

Exclusive collection of covered and open storage areas in the United Arab Emirates

Have a representative offices in: Customs in the many countries 

Our Ability


Transfers (remittances) from many countries, to the UAE, and from United Arab Emirates to the all around the world.

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Warehousing and storage rental services

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The procedures of customs clearance formalities - Import, Export, cabotage, transit, swaps and so on.

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Provide the safest and fastest air cargo shipping services, sea, and land ports of across the world.

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